Unlocking the Value in After Sales Data

Cognitran’s Analytic Solutions deliver vital insights into activity and issues in the repair network, furnishing OEMs with the ability to react in real-time to proactively support the dealer networks, technicians and customers. The data provides in-depth information on Authorised Repairer Loyalty, customer satisfaction, customer preferences and uptake on campaigns, accessories, extended warranty etc.

Cognitran Analytics Cognitran Analytics

Predictive Information and Quality Assurance

Vehicle Data indicates the current health of the vehicle and is utilised to identify customer trends in relation to dealing with particular quality issues and any subsequent repair events.

This data can be used by the OEMs to proactively schedule repairs, order parts and thereby keep the vehicle within the Authorised Repair Network.

The real-time and historical tracking of diagnostic events helps to identify trends with common and emerging product concerns quickly. Fixes and service actions can then be brought to market much sooner, avoiding expensive product recalls and supply chain shortages, with the consequent brand damage these events bring.

Feedback is delivered directly to the document and diagnostic authors, allowing for the tracking of the penetration of key documents such as service bulletins and Field Service Actions, as well as the monitoring of technician paths to repair.

By aggregating and linking data across various sources, it becomes possible to correlate patterns of activity and information that are not normally visible in After Sales data.

Supporting OEM Revenue Growth

Cognitran Analytics provide opportunities to not only reduce OEM and Dealer costs, but also to grow OEM revenue through increased parts and accessory sales, developing new revenue streams through the supply of services.

The combination of Cognitran products, such as ITIS and the Digital Service Record, allows for tracking of customer and vehicle activity through the entire vehicle lifecycle, including key points such as change of vehicle ownership.

The information available also supports your Dealers in providing tailored offers and personalised services to individual customers. Through incorporating connected car information, Cognitran delivers additional opportunities for significant new revenue streams.

Cognitran Analytics
Cognitran Analytics

Optimization of Repairs

Cognitran Analytics allow for optimization of repair diagnostics through determining the multiple threads, dependencies and order of diagnostic routines thus providing the optimal probability path for successful diagnosis. This can potentially save substantial time in dealerships and improve customer satisfaction.

Diagnostic routines that commonly result in no fault being identified can also be highlighted to support QA and improve first time repair performance. The facility to drill down on the data to individual vehicles allows for remote or local assistance to be provided where appropriate to further reduce downtime.

Your route to better information

Large, real-time data sets can only deliver value when data is mined, organised, and presented in a clear format focused on key business drivers. The Cognitran team will work with you to develop a unique model of the data you need to track and how it should be linked to provide meaningful information and business insight.

Your customised data dashboard will present the data you need to see in a clear format suitable for all business users. Individual teams and business functions can drill down to the level of detail they need.

Real-time Data

The dashboard can filter reporting of the data down to individual markets, locations and service centres.

Cognitran Analytics provides dashboards that can be configured as strategic, covering real-time data on key business drivers, operational, for real-time monitoring and support of critical repair network activities, and trends, which facilitates predictive analysis and continuous improvement.