Content Management - More Control, Less Cost

Blaise is a comprehensive document creation and management system. It simplifies content re-use and gives you total control over the creation, translation and publishing process.

If you publish multiple variations of related documents Blaise ensures that these are createdfrom a single content repository to maximise re-use. It is built on tried and trusted technology with powerful management and workflow tools to enforce consistency and minimise authoring, translation and management costs

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Raster
  • XML Formats
  • Customer Driven
  • Product Specification
  • Diagnostics
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Vehicle Features
  • Bill of Materials
ITIS as shown on an iMac

Controlled Content

Blaise has a simple interface and secure user access to maintain control over the content of your publications. Master structures for publication types (eg Service Manual, Owner Manual) and related templates for individual product families manage the permitted content of all publications.

Consistency of structure, order and terminology are ensured. Centrally, you designate mandatory sections to be included in all relevant publications and manage the specific content relevant to each product variant or market.

Re-Use and Translation

Using the centrally managed template, a simple tree view allows you to assign existing content to elements within the structure. You can easily identify fully reusable content, elements needing modification, and content to be created.

Maximising re-use reduces translation costs. The integrated Translation Service Agent (TSA) manages the import, export and merging of translatable content and provides a controlled translation market place.

ITIS as shown on an iMac
ITIS as shown on an iMac


Blaise has powerful, easy to use workflow tools to assign and track each task – delivering assignments directly to authors’ Inboxes. Publication Readiness Reports show, at a glance, content that is ‘in-progress’, when it is due, whether it is being translated, or anything else you need to stay in control.

Unique reports can be viewed for each version (for example, model variant or market) of each publication type.

User-Friendly Authoring

Blaise IDE is a powerful fully integrated XML authoring tool. It is user friendly, offering full WYSIWYG authoring capabilities with simultaneous XML and HTML views if required.

Tools and wizards make light work of complex XML operations such as creating tables or links and the system offers full graphics support. Completed content is automatically checked into the Blaise repository.

ITIS as shown on an iMac
Flexible Publishing

Completed publications are quickly and simply exported to your chosen viewer portal as XML or directly as PDF files. Using the powerful qualification system, manuals can be tailored so that they contain only the required information for a specific vehicle variant and its associated features.

Blaise Key Benefits
  • Complete control over content creation, re-use and publishing
  • Reduced authoring and translation costs
  • Increased user satisfaction through consistent terminology and content
  • Management tools to ensure completeness of publications
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Control over specific publications for product and market variants
  • Easy to use authoring tools.