Digital Service Checksheet

Introducing DSC

With so much advanced technology loaded onto today’s vehicles it’s ironic that the one regular interaction between dealers and customers is often paper based and unsophisticated. The Digital Service Checksheet (DSC) brings this important point of contact with your customers up to date.

Vehicle and mileage-specific service content is displayed and checked off by the technician on a tablet. The completed service checksheet information is sent to the customer via email or SMS and retained on the Digital Service Record of the vehicle.

Cognitran Analytics

No More Generic Checksheets

Generic paper based checksheets can be confusing for customers and can also lead to errors with relevant service items being missed. This legacy process also creates additional administration as paper records need to be copied and filed. Customer copies often get mislaid or detached from the service history. Cognitran has been at the forefront of vehicle specific service data for many years. The Cognitran After Sales Portal, ITIS, has been used by OEMs for many years to create vehicle-specific paper checksheets. The Digital Service Checksheet takes this process to the next stage by replacing paper with a tablet screen and a fully digital platform.

OEM Reporting

The Electronic Service Checksheet provides a rich data stream that OEMs can use to track customer loyalty, missed services and campaigns. Data collection also allows more timely service reminders to be sent to customers. The system provides the opportunity to use real time data analytics to monitor activity across the service network and receive early warnings of rising concerns or common issues or misunderstandings.

Cognitran Analytics
Cognitran Checksheets

How It Works

OEM authoring teams create the checksheet content in an XML authoring tool. The database handles translations and the matching of service items to vehicle specifications.

Based on permissions controlled by the OEM, authorised repairers access the relevant service content online according to the VIN or vehicle specification. Any customer specific requests are incorporated and full integration with the Dealer’s Electronic Vehicle Health System allows for inclusion of any work generated as a result of the Service Advisor process.

The technician checks off each completed service item via a tablet and the completed record is automatically saved and distributed. The owner receives automated updates as the car progresses through its service, improving communications and customer satisfaction.