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As a Snap-on Inc. company, we value people who make a positive difference. You will have plenty of opportunities to develop your skills, make a meaningful contribution, and build your career.

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The company's culture is built on relationships, collaboration, and teamwork. You will work with good people who have pride in - and passion for - what they do. The Snap-on brand is respected worldwide, thanks to the company's great employees and award-winning technology, products, and services. We welcome people with curiosity, lots of ideas, and the desire to keep improving. Your employment with Cognitran offers much more than just a paycheck. The company provides many valuable programs that benefit you during your career with Cognitran, professionally, personally, and after you retire.

Additionally, we would recommend you be familiar with our company culture, which will largely assist you in determining your fit with Cognitran. The Cognitran culture encourages enjoyable working relationships, innovation, customer focus, and continuous improvement.

As indicated in our Who We Are statements, Snap-on and Cognitran continually strive to be an employer of choice and offers ... a 'Great Place to Work'.


Our Mission
We deeply believe in:
  • Non-negotiable Product & Workplace Safety
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Passionate Customer Care
  • Fearless Innovation
  • Rapid Continuous Improvement
Our behaviours define our success:
  • We demonstrate integrity
  • We tell the Truth
  • We respect the Individual
  • We promote Teamwork
  • We Listen
To be acknowledged as the:
  • Brands of Choice
  • Employer of Choice
  • Franchisor of Choice
  • Business Partner of Choice
  • Investment of Choice
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