Snap-on Business Solutions Integration

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The Snap-on Business Solutions (SBS) decision to acquire Cognitran was made as part of a longer term strategy, bringing together and enhancing the existing group of SBS Business Units; these units are now working collaboratively designing new and innovative solutions for Automotive OEMs.

The SBS group consists of the following Business Units:

  • autoVHC - Electronic Vehicle Health Check
  • Cognitran - OEM Aftersales IT Partner
  • DNS - Dealer Network Services
  • EPC - Electronic Parts Catalogue
  • EQS - Equipment Solutions

quotesThe benefits of the Cognitran acquisition are coming to fruition. Our vision not only allows each SBS business unit to offer their unique brand of products and services, but now offers our customers greater business value through an integrated suite of solutions.

David Stott

Vice President and European Managing Director (Snap-on Business Solutions)